Digital Talks

How to record the best possible audio during a digital Nordic Talk

All talkers, including the moderator, must connect to the video conference call via a computer. Each talker, including the moderator, then uses their smartphone to record their voice

Everyone should use headphones when on Zoom or similar audio conferencing platforms. The video conference tool (Zoom etc.) is used for communicating with the host, but the talkers must record their own voice via their smartphone.

Zoom is the best platform that we have used so far. For moderators: Try to select a platform that enables you to record the audio from the call (Zoom for professionals allows this. A monthly subscription is not expensive).

Please watch this short video that guides you to recording your voice on your iPhone.


  • Do sit in a small, quiet room as opposed to a large one. This will lead to better acoustics.
  • Do make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Do use headphones if possible
  • Do use a computer for connecting to the conference call
  • Do only use your iPhone for recording your voice
  • Do remember to press the record button on your phone and let it record the entire duration of the talk
  • Do the best you can to fulfill the points above as the sound quality is extremely important
  • Do download the recording app before recording the talk. Some phones may already have a voice recorder app installed. Get acquainted with this app before the call.
  • (For moderators) Do remember to press the recording button on Zoom to create a backup sound file


  • Don’t sit in a large room with hard surfaces and background noise for acoustic reasons
  • Don’t stop the recording on your phone during the talk, even when you’re not speaking
  • Don’t think of of this as a telephone interview - rather think of it as a live radio recording where the sound quality is very important
  • Don’t use your phone for anything else than recording your own voice during the Nordic talk

Please remember to send all recordings to immediately after the talk.

How to record conference call audio for podcast

In this video, Rasmus demonstrates how to record your own voice while being interviewed for a podcast via an online conference call service like Skype, Hangouts, Zoom etc.