A Sustainable Path towards Sustainable Creative Careers

On the 9th of June, music composer, radio host and entrepreneur, Dylan Berry will host the first two Nordic Talks events by NordicLA.  

TALK 1 - Institutional Support for Musicians – What it Gives and What it Takes 
When compared to the US, the Nordics are often perceived as progressive in terms of social welfare and institutional support. This as well holds up for aspiring artists and musicians that wish to craft a career in the music industry. In this talk, we will explore the career paradox from both perspectives, delving into the pros and cons. What more is there to the jungle of LA, and the US, and what more is there to the Nordics than governmental care-taking and financial security. Where can they both learn from each other, how do musicians maintain their careers financially in the Nordic region versus the United States, and how do the systems that exist to support them differ? Inspiring questions such as these are going to lead the debate, where inspirational speakers with a life-long track record of supporting musicians share their thoughts on the present, and hopes for the future.


TALK 2: - Højskole: Creative soul-searching, the Nordic way 
It has become a common practice for graduates in the Nordics to attend Højskole to focus on personal growth within creative environments and communities. “Folk Schools” is the US response to the Danish concept of “Højskole”, which in recent years has grown in popularity. While they embody similar values and ideas, the contextual factors differ greatly across the Atlantic and we want to shed a light on how this shapes the concept of Højskole and creative soul searching in both regions of the world. What does it mean to attend Højskole in two completely different educational systems? What does it mean to take extra time to discover your passions and creativity, and where can the US and the Nordics learn from each other? Next to promoting Nordic values to the public, the talk also encourages a transatlantic dialogue between the respective Nordic and US institutions.


Both talks will be free for all and live streamed on Facebook.