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The Future of Libraries

Throughout history, the role of the public library has adapted to the times and the community it lives in. Perhaps the most dramatic shift has occurred within the last 20 years. In Canada, the local library is often the first place new Canadians visit, as a place to learn about the community, join language classes, and receive crucial access to technologies that assist with job searches and networking. The support and access models of libraries, such as the Oodi Central Library in Helsinki, Finland, are increasingly going beyond book lending to provide resources such as sewing machines, music studios and tools. Are libraries taking over where community centres left off? Are books being pushed off the shelves? Join us for a conversation between experts from some of the most progressive libraries in the Nordic region and Toronto, about the renewed goals of libraries and their impact on education, innovation and communities.  

Date and time for this online event: October 27, 2021 at 2:30pm EDT / 8:30 pm (CEST)