Is there a Plan Bee Nordic Talks

Is there a Plan Bee?

Bees are dying out and that’s a big problem for us human beings. If bees and other pollinators disappeared altogether, we would lose a third of our food supply. Half of all the fruit and vegetables on our supermarket shelves would vanish. And the impact on our planet's biodiversity would be catastrophic. So what's our Plan Bee? How do we save the world's pollinators? In this episode, we dive into an example from the Nordic countries where work is under way to save the local brown bee from extinction. And we look at what is being done around the world to protect bees and the global food supply. 

This episode comes from an online Nordic Talks event organized by the National Nordic Museum in Seattle.


“We’re losing the genetic diversity and we’re losing the unique traits of bees attached to the local environments.”

Maria Kjetså, advisor at NordGen, the Nordic Genetic Resource Center

This podcast episode features the following speakers

Maria Kjetså

Maria Kjetså (Norway)

Maria Kjetså is an advisor and researcher at the Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen) and is currently working on a PhD in genomics and genomic selection. With an MSc in animal breeding and genetics, she previously focused mainly on farm animal species but since joining NordGen in August 2020, she has been a co-organizer of the Nordic Brown Bee Network - a network of researchers and keepers of brown bees in the Nordic region.

Melanie Kirby

Melanie Kirby (US)

Professional apiculturist Melanie Kirby has been keeping bees since 1997, when by chance she started working with bees as a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay. In 2005, she established Zia Queenbees Farm & Field Institute, which specializes in the chemical-free management of bees and longevity-based selection. Melanie works as a researcher and international consultant on sustainable beekeeping and is trying to build bridges between the field and academia.