future-proofing our societies: the skills of tomorrow

Future-proofing our socities: The skills of tomorrow

In the time span of just a few years, the world has experienced a global health pandemic, rising inequalities, declining trends in the fight against poverty, geopolitical instability and military conflict - all underpinned by an overarching climate crisis. Do we as individuals have sufficient resilience to keep tackling these converging and cascading crises? What about children being born today - what skills and knowledge will they need in order to succeed in the future?

 This panel debate will bring together a range of Nordic and international actors to discuss the core question: how do we best equip today’s children and youth with the knowledge and skills they need for the future? As the challenges faced today are global in nature, our dialogue needs to also take place at global level and inspire innovative, cross-sectoral approaches with regards to potential solutions. 

Those in the audience should overall come away from the Nordic Talks panel debate with a better understanding of ‘the skills of tomorrow’. For instance, what should the school and university curricula of the future look like? How can we best support today’s youth in becoming engaged citizens in a just, green, digital and peaceful future? The answers to these questions should help form a clear call to action as regards what we, as listeners, can do to further sustainable youth development and skills building among our families, neighbours, and wider societies.

How can I join? The Nordic Talk panel will take place as part of Reach for Change’s annual Partnering for Change event, which this year is part of Stockholm Impact Week. The event is open to the public and free of charge. Guests can register to attend in-person here.