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Tunnelfabrikken: A Case Study

The second Nordic Talk of the evening will appropriately explore the massive structure that acts as a backdrop to this event. Tunnelfabrikken is a new housing and cultural event space in development, in Copenhagen. The case study will touch on a variety of perspectives concerning cultural and logistical development in the Nordhavn area. It will touch on the challenges of designing and developing such a project, while putting emphasis on how community involvement and creativity can act as catalysts for future vibrancy and life in the area. 

Insights from other ambitious projects around the world will be shared and used as examples of inspiration for how projects like Tunnelfabrikken can continue developing. Furthermore, the talk will elaborate on the business opportunities the initiative provides, as well as the socioeconomic effects and cultural impact the area will experience. 

The event will be free to the public and is expected to host between 100-200 attendees. Food, drinks, live music and a tour will complement two Nordic Talks. The event will take place in one of Copenhagen’s newest transformative spaces, Odds & Ends, a venue created almost entirely from recycled building materials from their neighbors, the old Tunnel Factory. Exact time will be announced.