Nordic Talks at COP27

The importance of art in the climate debate

What role can art play in countering climate change? 

The climate debate is often talked about through numbers and pie charts, and with a complicated language that to some extend can be hard for the average Joe to comprehend. And when debates becomes too complicated it has a tendency to lead to ignorance. So, what other means of communication can be drawn into the debate, making it more accessible to the public?  

A growing number of artists are using their work to tackle this issue, challenging their audiences to reflect on different climate matters. In this debate, we will discuss the communicative challenges and how art can be a way to inspire and push people to get involved in the climate debate.  



Anna Gran
Senior Adviser, 
Nordic Climate and Air Pollution Group 

Claire Aichholzer
Studio Jeppe Hein

Tobias Grut
Brand Manager
Nordic Council of Ministers 



André Jamholt 
Senior Advisor
Nordic Council of Ministers

Time of the event and livestream: 12.45 - 13.15 (CET)