Nordic Talks at COP27

What could the future look like? Arctic societies in transition.

The Nordics 2050: What could the future look like? Arctic societies in transition.

The Arctic has warmed three times quicker than the planet as a whole. The effects of climate change are visible already today. How can Arctic societies be agents of change in the green transition? How do the Arctic societies adapt to climate change and what pathways are possible for sparsely inhabited areas with vast distances and a harsh climate? What could Artic societies look like in 2050?

The future starts with the decisions we make today, so join us as we draw up the lines of life in the world of tomorrow. 


Avijâja Jepsen
Special consultant at Naalakkersuisut - Grønlands Selvstyre

Ola Elvestuen
Member of Norwegian parliament

Sara Olsvig
ICC International Chair


André Jamholt 
Senior Advisor
Nordic Council of Ministers