COP27 podcast Nordic Talks

COP27-Special: Regenerative Cities

How can we reimagine our cities for a regenerative transformation? To regenerate means not only to do less harm, but to become a positive force that restores, renews, and regrows. In this special episode of the Nordic Talks podcast, recorded at COP27 in Egypt, we will explore how we can create a regenerative world that works within the planetary boundaries. How do we create a future where humankind, nature and our cities can all thrive and flourish? Participants in the discussion are Nikolaj Sveistrup, Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies, and Jo da Silva, Sustainable Director at ARUP. The talk is moderated by André Jamholt, Senior Advisor at the Nordic Council of Ministers.

This podcast episode features the following speakers

Arup Jo da-Silva

Jo da Silva

Sustainable director at ARUP

Nikolaj Sveistrup

Nikolaj Sveistrup (Denmark)

Nikolaj Sveistrup is the CEO and founder of URBAN AGENDA, a Copenhagen-based organization providing ideas, assistance and new solutions for urban development and sustainable construction. Nikolaj is also an associate partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and leads the URBAN FUTURE initiative. His mission is to develop cities that are more sustainable and livable, focusing on sustainable, regenerative urban development, including building with wood.

andre jamholt Nordic Council of Ministers

André Jamholt

Senior Advisor at The Nordic Council of Ministers