Nordic Talks Korea Bridging the gender divide in entrepreneurship

Bridging the gender divide in entrepreneurship

Female entrepreneurship represents a potent untapped resource for economic growth. However, women are largely under-represented among entrepreneurs, especially in high-growth industries such as ICT and technology. The 11th edition of Nordic Talks Korea will focus on the gender gap in the entrepreneurship environment. 

The Nordic countries are viewed as front runners on gender equality and women’s labour force participation. But still, the share of women starting businesses in Nordic countries is under 6%, which is below the OECD average of 9%. South Korea has more diversity in entrepreneurship, with the share of 11%, but when you deep dive into the statistics, only 2% of venture capital goes to female start-up founders. 

The 11th edition of Nordic Talks Korea aims to open discussions and create dialogue on underlying issues such as bias and stereotypes, lack of access to capital and resources, and the challenges women face in balancing family and work. 

Event date: March 8th 2023 17:00pm-19:15pm (KST) 
Talk session: 17:00 – 18:30 (KST) 
Networking: 18:30 - 19:15 (KST)

Audience maximum: 150 people. So sign up before the places run out. 

Nordic Talks Korea is a flagship initiative by the Nordic Embassies in Korea that aims to start Nordic-Korean conversations about solving the global challenges and inspire citizens to take action for a more sustainable society.