People to people – in the time of war Ukraine podcast

Ukraine-special: Voices of the future

Has Russia's unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine destroyed any hope of dialogue between Russians and Ukrainians? Or is there still an opportunity for peace, understanding, and trust through dialogue in the future?

In three special episodes of the Nordic Talks podcast, we let people talk to people. Can we create dialogue? How can we facilitate the process of creating peace in Europe? And where are we now, a year after the beginning of the war? Olga Johannesson and Andreas Fløistrup facilitate the discussions. 

In this episode, we meet Oksana Nykytyuk from Ukraine and Katya Burdukovskaya from Russia.

This podcast episode features the following speakers

Oksana Nykytyuk

Oksana Nykytyuk (Ukraine)

31-year-old Oksana fled from Kyiv in the first weeks of the Russian invasion. She now resides in Copenhagen and works in the office of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House as a regional program officer. The organization focuses on giving the Ukrainian youth a safe space and a creative and democratic platform to engage, facilitate and support youth projects and activism across the two countries. Last month she participated in the opening of the Danish-Ukrainian Youth Centre in Kyiv, and she hopes that she can return to Kyiv for good soon and continue working for a democratic future.

Katya Burdukovskaya

Katya Burdukovskaya (Russia)

20-year-old Katya moved to Denmark from Russia four years ago with her mother, and now she studies at a Danish high school. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Katya has been active in spreading information about the war on her social media and raising awareness among her friends, family, and acquaintances in Russia about what’s actually happening in Ukraine. She has also been a member of several democratic organizations supporting and developing democratic initiatives in Denmark and Russia. Even before the war, she was participating in protests against the regime in Russia.