Duty to Inspire

Duty to Inspire

Do countries that have a positive global impact have a special responsibility to share ideas and act as role models? The Nordic nations regularly top the yearly rankings of countries that are either doing good in the wider world or setting first-class standards at home. The region's international image is overwhelmingly positive. Yet instead of just basking in the glory, the Nordics have decided it is their duty to inspire others, especially in the push to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this episode we explore the region's positive global contributions and look at how these are being used to inspire others.


“The message of green recovery is so strong from the Nordics”

Laura Kamras, director of the Unit for Public Diplomacy at Finland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs


“Why should countries do good? The answer is that if they don’t, we’re all screwed.”

Simon Anholt, founder of The Good Country Index.


This podcast episode features the following speakers

Simon Anholt

Simon Anholt (UK)

Simon Anholt is an author and consultant who founded The Good Country Index, a project that aims to rank countries in terms of what they contribute to the common good of humanity. He is a leading authority on national image and for the last twenty years he has been advising the presidents, prime ministers, monarchs, and governments of nearly sixty countries, cities, and regions on how to engage more productively and imaginatively with the international community.


Laura Kamras (Finland)

Laura Kamras is the director of the Unit for Public Diplomacy at Finland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With Finland currently ranked as the world's happiest country and previously being classed by the Good Country Index as the country that does the most good, Finns understand that although a good country brand is an asset, realizing its potential requires a lot of effort, and Laura has firsthand experience of this work. 


Christian Biller (Sweden)

Christian Biller is the brand strategist responsible for Sweden's image abroad at the Swedish Institute, the public agency that promotes the country globally. He works with public diplomacy and the strategic visual side of the country's branding.

Helene Friis

Helene Friis (Norway)

Helene Friis is head of The Explorer - a digital marketplace that matches the needs of international companies with sustainable Norwegian technologies. It is a Norwegian government initiative aimed at promoting the country's green-tech solutions while simultaneously making the planet better for all.