Nordic Place Branding Conference

The annual Nordic Place Branding Conference is the largest annual Nordic economic development and place branding event. This is the conference where you learn what places do to earn a reputation. Place branding is the diplomacy of deeds, Simon Anholt has said. Many say it is about doing, about earning a reputation for a place as opposed to classical marketing. Still, places - from countries to small towns who all have their challenges to meet - mistake place branding for a marketing tool. Where and when that mistake is not made, the work of place branding is a difficult one as it needs co-operation from many actors. Often, critically important players such as the municipality or those with funds become bottlenecks. It can come down to very few people.

Check out the full program and be pleasantly surprised to see speakers such as Simon Anholt, the creator of the Good Country Index, lined up. 

The conference is organised by Place Leadership Academy, training subsidiary of Future Place Leadership, in partnership with Oslo Region Alliance.