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Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance - Nordic and Luxembourg SGDs Approaches and Ambitions

The impact of Covid19 on health systems and livelihoods truly brought home the systemic danger of climate change and the need to build back better towards a more sustainable, equitable and resilient economy. This requires vast sums of investment. In 2017, OECD estimated that investments of some $7 trillion per year are required to achieve the SDGs. This is where sustainable finance comes in: with instruments such as green and social bonds, ESG integration, impact investing and blended finance, capital flows are redirected towards sustainable development, businesses and technologies. Still, they only represent a small share of global capital flows. As pioneers in the field of financial innovation and sustainability, Luxembourg and Nordic countries make a convincing case that mainstreaming sustainable finance is not just key to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs – it also opens up new markets and opportunities. The panel will discuss how business leaders in Luxembourg and Nordic countries work towards achieving these goals, which challenges they face and how sustainable finance is deployed to support their efforts.


Full programme: 14.00-16.00