In a Rich (Wo)man’s World: Women’s Economic Justice and Empowerment as a Driver of Prosperity for All

Studies repeatedly show that people and workplaces, as well as the economy, would be better off, if there were more diversity and inclusion, in the workplace and in general. Investing in women’s leadership, equal pay, land ownership for women, access to financial services and credit resources is not only the right thing to do from a human rights perspective, it is also the smart thing to do from an economic perspective.   

Both the public and the private sector play a crucial role in getting to a more gender-equal workplace, and society at large. Both sectors can drive change by championing and investing in the whole value chain - for small to bigger changes. Some companies are doing well, but many are still reluctant to embrace SDG 5 and the SDGs, in general. In this Nordic Talks, we will have a conversation about how economic justice and women’s economic participation is a driver of prosperity for all. And what role companies can play to speed it up, including collaborating with the UN.

There will be high-level representatives from UN Women, the Swedish government and from the corporate sector in the Nordics. 

8 June 9-10.30 EST / 15-16.30 CET.