Nordic Talks event

The Future of Sustainability and Music

NordicLA is facilitating a series of live Nordic Talks event throughout 2021, where they will touch upon important topics, issues and opportunities surrounding the creative industries. In the coming months, they will host 8 varied talks featuring notable thought leaders, innovators, artists and creators who will share their stories, inform and inspire our community whilst shedding light on the UNs 17 SDGs. On the 30th of June, we welcome you to take part in two equally important and exciting talks, hosted by the CEO and founder, Kristian Riis.

TALK 1: How can the record industry be more sustainable? 
Records have come back in style, for better and worse. It is a popular form of music consumption for music enthusiasts and musicians. However, records are made of PVC, which comes from refined oil and can take up to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill. Despite this, the production of records isn’t often discussed in the topic of sustainability. What does it take to become an environmentally responsible record label? And, where are the chances to inspire for change? In this talk, our panel consisting of manufacturer, label and industry expert discusses how record labels could innovate and inspire consumers to contribute to a more sustainable and circular industry.

TALK 2: A look into the future of environmental sustainability in festivals. 
In recent years, we have seen a rise in environmental and social sustainability within music festivals, with many changing their strategies to accommodate more sustainable practices. However, there is still a lot to learn in the festival industry when it comes to being sustainable and it contains a multitude of topics that all need to be examined individually and together. Looking at the environmental aspect, a majority of music festivals still suffer from waste generation and each event ends up collecting an unhealthy amount of trash, so how do we deal with this? And how can we encourage a positive sustainable change in music festivals while keeping the chaotic spirit of music festivals alive? In the wake of the pandemic, the world has also experienced a lot of social change and anxiety. How does this play into the social sustainability of music festivals? And, how can music festivals tackle important social issues to encourage important social change? These are the topics we will tackle in this Nordic Talks event.