What is a Nordic Talk?

‘Nordic Talks’ is a global series of live and virtual talks addressing affairs inspired by the Nordic themes and issues.

Nordic Talks aims to focus attention on a unified Nordic region that aspires to drive positive global change through Nordic solutions. We want to share and inspire collaborative innovation across borders by inviting thinkers and doers to participate and share ideas for taking positive action. Ultimately, the Nordic Talks live events are transformed into podcast episodes available to those driving change in every corner of the world.

We want to inspire listeners to act on sustainability issues by providing them with inspiration and a space for contemplation.

A Nordic Talk live event is always built on five dogmas:

#1 The talk relates to the Nordic values: Trust, Equality, Sustainability, Innovation and Openness

#2 The talk addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

#3 The talk must inspire listeners to act

#4 The talk has a memorable atmosphere – food, art or music that makes your talk stand out

#5 The talk is professionally organized and the audio is recorded in the highest quality possible

Watch the film above to learn more about the Nordic Talks universe.

Who can host a Nordic Talk?

We're looking for thinkers and doers worldwide to host Nordic Talks. The Nordic Council of Ministers calling for applications from organizations and individuals, who have a great ideas and great speakers for a Nordic Talk. Nordic embassies worldwide will also be hosting Nordic Talks on global issues with local relevance.


Nordic Talks are post-produced as podcasts in a professional podcast studio by the Nordic Council of Ministers' Secretariat in Copenhagen. Live Nordic Talks that are selected by the Secretariat will be edited into single podcast episodes available on all platforms.

To host a Nordic Talk live event, get started by applying with your idea or concept – see the steps below.

Once your application is approved by the Nordic Council of Ministers, you are ready to start planning your talk in detail. To help you, we have created a “one-stop-shop” for everything you need to know as a Nordic Talk producer. 

Read the Nordic Talks handbook

Step one: Read the Nordic Talks Handbook! This is extremely important in order to stay true to the concept and create the best talk possible – which increases the chances of having content that will work well as a podcast.

The handbook takes you through all the steps needed to plan and host a successful Nordic Talk.

Step by step guide


Is it a match?

Watch the two films to get a feel of the Nordic Talks universe. Ask yourself:

  • Can you see your idea in a similar setting? Decide whether your idea can appeal to a wide audience. Nordic Talks can be definitely be “nerdy and niche”, as long as you have a skilled moderator who can make it accessible to a wider audience.
  • Are you able to tick off all five principles? (see “What is a Nordic Talk?”)
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Apply for funding

If you think your idea fits the Nordic Talks framework, fill out the application form as fully as possible. The more information we get from you about your idea, the better.

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Get approved

Once your application is approved, it’s time to get going!

  • You will get access to a Google Drive that gives you all the guidance you'll need, including contact information for LEAD Agency/the Secretariat, who can answer any questions you may have.
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Produce and deliver

Read the Nordic Talks Handbook thoroughly and follow the checklist – it covers everything from tips to picking speakers and a moderator to finding the right venue. Consider it your production bible.

Host your live Nordic Talk and record the audio using equipment meeting the specifications given in the technical rider.

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Final approval

Submit the required material, including audio recordings, for review to receive final approval.

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A professional podcast based on your live Nordic Talk

If the Secretariat selects your live Nordic Talk for editing, we will start working on it as soon as possible after receiving the audio files. We'll let you know once it’s done, so you can share it with your network. All podcast episodes will become available on all preferred platforms.

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Become part of Nordic Talks

Interested in doing your own thing with the Nordic Talk framework?

Digital Talks


All speakers, including the moderator, must connect to the video conference call via a computer. Each speaker, including the moderator, then uses their own smartphone to record their own voice.

Everyone should use headphones when on Zoom or similar audio conferencing platforms. The video conference tool (Zoom etc.) is used for communicating with the host, but each speaker must also record their own voice using their smartphone.

Zoom is the best platform that we have used so far. For moderators: Try to select a platform that enables you to record the audio from the call (Zoom for professionals allows this. A monthly subscription is not expensive).

Please watch this short video that guides you to recording your voice on your smartphone.


  • Sit in a small, quiet room rather than a large one. This will lead to better acoustics.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Use headphones if possible
  • Use a computer for connecting to the conference call
  • Only use your smartphone for recording your voice during the talk
  • Remember to press the record button on your phone and let it record for the entire duration of the talk
  • Do your best to fulfill the points above as the sound quality is extremely important
  • Download the recording app before recording the talk. Some phones may already have a voice recorder app installed. Get acquainted with this app before the call.
  • For moderators - Do remember to press the recording button on Zoom to create a backup sound file


  • Don’t sit in a large room with hard surfaces and background noise
  • Don’t stop the recording on your phone during the talk, even when you’re not speaking
  • Don’t think of this as a telephone interview - instead think of it as a live radio recording where the sound quality is very important
  • Don’t use your phone for anything else than recording your own voice during the Nordic talk

Please remember to send all recordings to info@nordictalks.com immediately after the talk.


In this video, Rasmus demonstrates how to record your own voice while being interviewed for a podcast via an online conference call service like Skype, Hangouts, Zoom etc.



All Nordic Talks are dedicated to addressing the SDG challenges. We want to inspire thinkers and doers to talk to each other and ultimately inspire each other to act – for a better, more sustainable future.