NT 5th element

Innovation in Urban Development

TALK 1; Culture, Creativity, and City Development
How can a new cultural venue be linked to an increase in economic growth for a certain city or community? This talk will discuss the opportunities found in using cultural projects as a lever for attractiveness in cities. Attracting residents, entrepreneurs, and businesses to new or developing areas is important for economic growth. And it isn’t always easy. It requires investment in cultural initiatives, supporting the arts, and most of all listening to the people that live there. The potential impact a single concert hall or art gallery can have on a community could make all the difference for a successful, culture-rich area.

TALK 2: Innovation in Public Transportation
This talk will examine the role of public transportation in the process of creative placemaking and urban development. How can we reimagine a more functional public transportation system for cities like LA? Could LA benefit from the improvement of public transportation? And, could LA get inspiration from the Nordics and how they see public transportation? The talk examines the cultural, social, and logistical implications that have to be considered in the development of public transportation, and how improved public transportation can contribute to improved sustainability in urban areas.