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Gender & the Arts: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

For decades, women have been overlooked as artists. Whenever great art is recognised, it is often the work of men - whether we discuss music, visual arts, film, or architecture, male artists dominate the scene. There certainly isn’t a shortage of female artists - so why do women get less exposure than men? What effect does this have on the creative industry? Are we all a part of the problem? And how can we encourage action towards meaningful change?

This event will take place virtually, where representatives from Europe's art scene and Denmark’s music industry will discuss the challenges experienced by women in the arts.

In this talk, we want to put the spotlight on key players who are trying to change the arts and music scene in order to create more opportunities for women and gender minorities in the arts. We will mainly touch upon the 5th SDG, which concerns gender equality, and will also keep in mind the Nordic values of equality, openness, and innovation throughout the discussion.