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The future of our cities - Challenges and solutions in the Nordic region and internationally

Session 1 (out of 3): "Climate change on urban waterfronts - SOS for the cities and citizens?

Climate change affect regions all over the world. Sea level rise, high tides, storms and floods enhance the vulnerability of urban waterfront territories and deeply affect the quality of human life. How can we rethink urban waterfronts as laboratories for innovative climate adaptation solutions in different geographical, environmental and cultural contexts? What can we learn from this diversity and how planning for waterfronts goes beyond urban and economic features and reflect upon cultural, political, environmental and social characteristics? Three international experts will discuss the effects of climate change on urban waterfronts and the concrete actions that should be taken from the researchers and citizens. The goal of the event is to disseminate the findings, the conclusions, the warnings we gathered in each visited city involved in the project “SOS Climate Waterfront”, to people living in those cities, in Europe. Ultimatelly, we ask the important question; how can we bridge the distance between research and citizens?

In-person event, with live-streaming options.