Cities as drivers for climate action: How can the expanding city become a front-runner in smart and sustainable mobility?

The Swedish city of Gothenburg is shifting towards an increased focus on electromobility in the city’s transport fleet. Currently, the transport fleet has 150 electric busses including electrified garbage trucks, and the city administration has initiated cooperation with various innovative companies with cutting-edge knowledge in electromobility. The Mexican city of León on the other hand has been positioning itself in the last years as a smart and human-oriented city. Previously this year the city launched a new smart road mobility system and the city administration has initiated a lot of projects together with the private sector. 

What can these two cities learn from each other when it comes to integrating smart mobility solution in urban development? How can cities compete in the field of climate action and what is needed for further raising the bar?  

Event date: May17th – 12:30-13:00 (CDT) 19:30-20:00 (CET)