Malmö Konstmuseum

Art as a Catalyst for Change

As the fight for an ecologically sustainable future intensifies, we turn our attention to art. What can we learn and what can we expect?

Malmö Art Museum, in collaboration with Expo Chicago and Nordic Talks, invites you to a digital seminar focusing on the connections between contemporary art practices and ecological sustainability.

How can artists work more sustainably in relation to natural resources and energy use? Is there such a thing as 'sustainable' art and what could a sustainable exhibition production look like?

What role has nature played in contemporary art and how does it reflect our view of ourselves?

We have invited international curators, artists, experts and scholars to discuss these and many other related questions, in the hope of finding new grounds and perspectives, in the light of the enormous changes that await us.

Event date: 19th of May - 15.00 - 17.30 pm CET