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AI, Technology & Democracy

What should we expect from autonomous vehicles in the coming years? How will CRISPR technology change the nature of health care? How can we integrate dynamic data from the Internet of Things in our public data infrastructure safely and effectively? How is AI rapidly becoming a battlefield in a shifting global balance of power? 

Some of today’s most far-reaching societal changes are driven by technological disruption. The impact of AI and automation on the future of jobs; Big data on the protection of personal information; Social media on democratic dialogue and elections; Internet of Things on cybersecurity; Digital business models on taxation systems; and crypto-currency on global financial architecture. These trends - sometimes grouped as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ - are international per design, transcending borders with an unprecedented speed, transforming almost all sectors of society, and impacting not only domestic markets but the global balance of power and established values and institutions. 

The 8th Nordic Talks Korea will focus on ‘AI, Technology & Democracy’ and deep-dive into two difficult but important topics:

● Session 1: Tech for Good - Impacting society, industries and planet earth.

● Session 2: Governments & Tech Giants - Defining the future of humankind.


Date of the event: June 14 2021 2:00pm-4:00pm (KST)

Event location: Speakers located in Korea present at the Oil Tank Culture Park. Nordic speakers join online. Broadcasted live on www.nordictalkskorea.com.