Sustainable Societies for the Future

Entitled Sustainable Societies for the Future, this two-part exhibition and program bring together artists, scholars, organizations, and curators committed to perceiving contemporary art as a possible catalyst for change. The project, which involves artists from the Nordic countries and Chicago context, is presented in alignment with EXPO CHICAGO and ART 2030—an organization that adopts the lens of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals to transform the world within our next decade. The artwork and concepts approached within both the exhibitions and the book engage with issues surrounding biodiversity, racial equity, housing, health and safety, and environmental justice, among other areas of economic, social, and political interest.

The Chicago Edit (October 15–17, 2021) features a curated exhibition program throughout the city organized by the Floating Museum alongside a talks program and US book launch with the exhibition co-curator and co-editor of the publication Stephanie Cristello.

The companion Symposium, “Art as a Catalyst for Change,” presented in partnership with Nordic Talks will feature many of the participating artists as well as screenings Presented in partnership with the City of Malmö, the Malmö Art Museum, Danish Arts in Chicago, Consulate General of Denmark in New York, ART 2030, and Nordic Talks.