Norway and Georgia

How to make the maximum of Nordic clean energy knowledge?

How to make the maximum of Nordic clean energy knowledge? Case of Norway and Georgia – the “hydropower nations”

This Nordic Talks aims to discuss the most effective way to share green solutions and initiatives across borders. More closely, how we can maximize the efficiency of hydropower knowledge-sharing. This will be exemplified by the hydropower engineering education exchange between Norway and Georgia – two “hydropower nations”. Participants will include Norwegian and Georgian experts, representatives of partnering universities, government agencies, as well as aspiring and current exchange students.

This first Georgian-Norwegian Nordic Talks, organized by Caucasian Journal, will consist of two Zoom
sessions with open attendance.

Talk 1: Clean Energy: A fundamental UN SDG, and its importance for economies and sustainable development of Norway and Georgia – two “hydropower nations”.

Talk 2: Sharing Nordic knowledge for the benefit of other countries on SDG-related problems:
The case of hydropower engineering education exchange.


● Alexander Kaffka, Editor-in-Chief of Caucasian Journal (Georgia)


• Ms Line Amlund Hagen (Norway), Director of the International Hydropower Centre in Norway ( 

• Dr Murman Margvelashvili (Georgia), Ilia State University 

• Ms Kirsten W. Westgaard (Norway), Programme Director, International Department, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate 

• Ms Nana Imedashvili (Georgia), Ministry of economy and sustainable development 

• Dr Oddbjørn Bruland (Norway), Faculty of Engineering, NTNU 

• Student(s) (Georgia/international) – participants of student exchange programs.