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Turning Spaces into Future Places

In recent years, we in the Nordics have seen an increase in demand for tight-knit communities and collectives around urban areas. Starting off the two-talk series in Copenhagen, this panel will brainstorm and discuss tangible ideas on how to build and develop communities as our cities expand. We will address how art, creativity, and design can be used to transform a non-descript space into a place of belonging - and why it is important for us all.

This talk will be a conversation between Nordic and International innovators, discussing how community and creativity play a role in the development and expansion of urban spaces. Furthermore, the talk will touch upon the opportunities found in community placemaking from both an economic and societal perspective, and how it benefits everyone to rethink future living.

The event will be free to the public and is expected to host between 100-200 attendees. Food, drinks, live music and a tour will complement two Nordic Talks. The event will take place in one of Copenhagen’s newest transformative spaces, Odds & Ends, a venue created almost entirely from recycled building materials from their neighbors, the old Tunnel Factory. Exact time will be announced.