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Dressing for the Times: The Future of Fashion

What is the life cycle of the shirt on your back?  Where do our clothes come from and where do they go when we toss them?  In our consumerist society these are questions we do not often ask ourselves.  But what is actually the price we are paying to be fashionable? In this Nordic Talk, we explore the negative social and environmental impacts of the global fashion industry and discover the forward thinkers finding solutions for the future of a sustainable fashion world.

This Nordic Talk is part of the Circular Fashion Festival, a week-long event presented by the Guelph Tool Library. Coinciding with Waste Reduction Week in Canada, the Circular Fashion Festival advocates for slow fashion, skill sharing, and the circular economy.

Date of the event: October 19, 2022, 12pm EST / 6pm CEST

A video of the full talk is published and can now be viewed by all.