COP27 podcast

COP27-Special: Purpose Finance

How can we accelerate our fight for the climate through climate finance and market mechanisms? Can we succeed in changing the way we think, create, and invest in new projects? And how can purpose investments from the private sector and voluntary compensation work as new ways of accelerating the change? 

This is discussed by Jon Johnsen, CEO of the pension fund PKA, and Hanna-Mari Ahonen, Senior Consultant at Perspectives Climate Research, in this special episode of the Nordic Talks podcast, recorded at COP27 in Egypt and moderated by André Jamholt, Senior Advisor at the Nordic Council of Ministers.

This podcast episode features the following speakers

Hanna-Mari Ahonen

Hanna-Mari Ahonen

Senior Consultant at Perspectives Climate Research 

jon johnsen PKA

Jon Johnsen

CEO for the pensionfund PKA 

andre jamholt Nordic Council of Ministers

André Jamholt

Senior Advisor at The Nordic Council of Ministers