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Nordic Talks Japan: How to Advocate for Peace and Democracy in the Digital World?

Digital tools and devices make us hyper-alert to the world around us and it constantly affects our views on the affairs happening close and far away. The use of digital technologies can in many ways benefit international peace, security, and democracy - for instance, they can promote greater inclusiveness in peace processes and elections. But digital technologies also have a darker side - for instance in regards to the spread of disinformation, censorship, and echo chambers.

Against the backdrop that technological progress has the potential both to promote and undermine peace, democracy, and basic human rights, this talk will discuss: 
How can we use digital tools to advocate for peace and democracy? What kinds of challenges and opportunities does the digital media environment present for our societies? 
And what is the future of democracy in the era of digitalisation and data economy?

The speakers will discuss both the opportunities and best practices, as well as the inevitable challenges and how to mitigate them.

Date of the event: April 26th, 2022, 17:00-18:30 (Japanese Standard Time) 

This is a hybrid event - with a onesite audience, as well as an online one. 

Nordic Talks Japan is a collaboration and series of events hosted by: Nordic Innovation House in Tokyo, Royal Danish Embassy, Embassy of Finland in Tokyo, Embassy of Iceland in Tokyo, Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo, Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo, The Finnish Institute in Japan.