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Explore Happiness: Nature and Happiness

Since the World Happiness Report was published the first time, in 2012, two countries have been named the happiest country ten times combined: Finland and Denmark. Usually they are followed by other Nordic countries in the global happiness rankings. But why and how? 

Several studies find a positive relationship between happiness and exposure to green and natural environments. People are often happier outdoors, in safe, green and natural environments, than what they are in urban environments. In cities we are more likely to be stressed because our senses are overstimulated, which have a tendency to affect our happinness. Research has also showed that children are very much affected by natural surroundings - they tend to better develop emotionally, physically, and linguistically - which are all important conditions for happiness.

Explore happiness with us, in this Nordic Talks event. 


Date of the event: 1.6.2023

Time: 19:00-20:30 (Shanghai)

The event is open to the public but one needs to register - the QR-code to sign up will be distributed through the host (Finnish and Danish Consulate General in Shanghai) social media channels.