A Nordic Perspective on Sustainability in Business

Equality and the Media - Women in the News and Newsrooms

The lack of equal representation - women's voices and expertise - in the news media continues to be a challenge. Representation and role models in the media matter as they have a wider impact on society as a whole. Not to forget about how freedom of speech cannot be fully realized without the opportunity to have both men's and women’s voices heard. 

How does the lack of equality in news media affect journalists and consumers of news media? And how can the media address this issue in the news agenda, to better inform societies and overcome gender stereotypes?

This Nordic Talks Japan event will consist of 2 parts: a panel discussion by the 3 speakers and the moderator, and a Q&A and open discussion session involving the participants. Join us to get some food for thought to achieve more sustainable journalism and the society beyond.

Date and Time:
February 1st, 17:00-18:30 (JST)


Nordic Talks Japan is a collaboration and series of events hosted by: Nordic Innovation House in Tokyo, Royal Danish Embassy, Embassy of Finland in Tokyo, Embassy of Iceland in Tokyo, Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo, Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo, The Finnish Institute in Japan.