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The menu of tomorrow

A global shift to a more sustainable diet is needed to reduce the major impact that food production has on our planet. Right now the global food system is responsible for 30 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, while at the same time a third of all the food produced is wasted. 

Can we rethink what we eat and where it comes from? Can technology offer new solutions? And can the latest Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, which combine dietary advice with environmental considerations, contribute to this? In this episode, food industry innovators and experts try to predict what responsible food consumption and production might look like in the future. And what we need to do to get there now.

This episode comes from a Nordic Talks event held at the University of Creativity in Tokyo, arranged by the Nordic Innovation House and the Nordic embassies in Japan.


“The biggest step towards sustainable food consumption would be to eat less red meat – but also milk, eggs, and farmed fish. ”

Julius Birgir Kristinsson, CEO of Silfurgen.


This podcast episode features the following speakers

Hidenori Kondo (Japan) sustainability Field Director at Tokyo’s University of Creativity

Hidenori Kondo (Japan)

Hidenori Kondo is the Sustainability Field Director at Tokyo’s University of Creativity. Initially a commercial film planner at Hakuhodo public relations company, he pursued an MA at New York University, focusing on sustainable creativity in branding, media, and education. Since 2020, he has led research at the University of Creativity, implementing strategies for sustainable societies. He co-authored the Innovation Design and Urban Permaculture Guide and has been a Good Design Award jury member since 2019.

Dr Julius Birgir Kristinsson ORF-Genetics and the owner and CEO of Silfurgen aquaculture consultancy.

Julius Birgir Kristinsson (Iceland)

Julius Birgir Kristinsson is the cofounder of ORF-Genetics and the owner and CEO of Silfurgen aquaculture consultancy. He has cofounded and managed several bioscience companies focused on salmon and shellfish aquaculture and biotechnology. He has worked on developing cell-cultured meat and is now developing new solutions to advance shellfish aquaculture. He is a vocal opponent of unsustainable animal protein production.

Reetta Andolin University of Helsinki’s Viikki Food Design Factory

Reetta Andolin (Finland)

Reetta Andolin is a Professor of Practice at the University of Helsinki’s Viikki Food Design Factory and specializes in food innovation. She is the cofounder of Gold&Green Foods Ltd and the inventor of Nyhtökaura/Pulled Oats – a plant-based protein. Reetta has received numerous accolades, including Alumni of the Year 2018 at the University of Helsinki, CTO of the Year 2017 by CTO Forum, Finland, and Young Research Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.