Organic Food

Organic Food - Drivers in Emerging Markets

Today's food system is virtually faceless, making it difficult to get a deeper sense of connection to food and those who produce it. Do people understand the value of food today? Our Nordic Talk focuses on front-runners that share their experience and know-how in building resilient societies. Organics are often more expensive, what can we do to mitigate this?

We are living in a time where information is abundant and accessibility isn’t an issue, but at the same time we can’t (or shouldn’t) trust all the “information” we may find. Ironically, it’s harder than ever to be well informed nowadays. It’s also harder than ever to make good food choices.

Talkers are hand-picked for their thought-provoking work and their backgrounds, combined with fresh thinking and a back-to-the-roots approach.
What does an urban farmer in Malmö, a creative restaurant supervisor in Vilnius and a Finnish eclectic food professional have in common?

Alex Gibb, Partner & Co-founder (British) 


Edith Salminen, Food Culture Strategist (Finnish)

Vitalija Urbonaitė, Restaurant Supervisor (Lithuanian)

Saba Nazarian, Farm Director & Educator (Canadian)

If you are a food curious individual with an environmental conscience, this talk is definitely for you!

The talk will be live streamed and after the talk the online audience will have the possibility to ask questions directly to the talkers.

15:00 - 17:00