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How to define new leadership standards for the 2030 agenda

How to define new leadership standards for the 2030 agenda - A green inclusive restart

It is time to create profound and long-lasting positive change for people and the planet. We were already in the midst of a climate crisis when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. These combined events have reinforced the fact that there has never been a more pressing time to start rethinking our established social constructions, economic systems and environmental impact. We need a profound cultural and economical systematic shift. We need to rethink how we are driving our businesses, our organizations and our investments. 

The current capitalist system takes advantage of both human and financial resources, and has also shaped our traditions in leadership models and cultural roles. In redefining and creating a more regenerative approach to resources, we need to identify new leaders to leverage the shift. We need to consider what traits we want them to possess and how they should build organizations.

Are you interested in understanding the leaders of the future? Do you want to explore what qualities and skills they should have, and how to attract them? Then this session is for you. With valuable insight from system changers and regenerative experts, as well as founders and investors, we will learn about approaches for identifying leaders and strategies to make
the world better through effective leadership.


Ida Falbakken, co-founder of Katapult Future Fest 

Louise Kjellerup Roper, CEO of Volans

Tharald Nustad, founder of Nordic Impact

Uffe Elbæk, member of the Danish parliament

Cosmina Popa, Co-founder Heartful

The event is part of Impact the Future 2021 in Sønderborg. 

The exact time for this event will be announced.