Profit with a purpose

Profit with a purpose

Can the UN Sustainable Development Goals drive businesses to help the planet? The key role companies can play in making the world a better place was highlighted at the launch of the goals five years ago. And there is also a financial incentive. Estimates indicate that achieving them could unlock business opportunities of 12 trillion US dollars for the private sector. In this episode we take a closer look at the potential of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to act as business drivers, strengthening the link between purpose and profit.
This podcast is a product of a Nordic Talk held in Denmark during the Global Goals Week 2020. The event was arranged by the think tank Monday Morning 


"With the Sustainable Development Goals as part of your company's DNA, it's easier to hire people, to get investors and customers"

 Michael Haase, CEO and founder of the Plant Jammer app

This podcast episode features the following speakers

Michael Haase

Michael Haase (Denmark)

Michael Haase is CEO and founder of Plant Jammer, an app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to invent plant-based recipes using what you already have in your fridge. Michael studied at the London School of Economics, and before becoming an entrepreneur, worked for Merrill Lynch, McKinsey & Company, and Novozymes.


Majken Gilmartin (Denmark)

Majken Gilmartin is the CEO and co-founder of the Global Goals World Cup, an all-women creative sports event which aims to inspire amateur athletes to become champions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and drive progress and change in their communities. A former film producer, football coach, and head of sports for the City of Copenhagen, Majken has organized more than 100 events promoting women’s rights in sports and highlighting the contribution sport can make toward reaching the SDGs.


Jenifer Clausell-Tormos (Spain)

Jenifer Clausell-Tormos is the CEO and founder of Develop Diverse, a company that uses technology to help companies filter out stereotypical language in their communications, making their messages and workplaces more inclusive and diverse. She holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Technology Development and initially embarked on a career as a research scientist in academia and industry, leveraging technology for biomedical applications. Ten years later, her drive to eliminate bias and boost gender balance and diversity in the workplace led her to found Develop Diverse.