Gadus Morhua

Codfish and Sustainable Communities

Revolutions can start with what you eat!
We are glad to present a series of online talks on skrei (Atlantic codfish) and tell a story which can inspire us to act. Skrei is the fish that shapes the Nordic identity and its heritage. The Lofoten people have caught the fish, hung it up and brought it to Europe and the world as stockfish for millennia. The story is important for the planet: while it demonstrates sustainable management of natural resources, it also shows how a regional product can create social and economic value for local communities. But how long will this love story between the fish last in times of climate change?

Codfish fishing and processing is a powerful example of a food system that allows us to reflect on marine resource management, environmental concerns and distribution of food. With this talk, we want to highlight innovative food systems and create a space for ideas that inspire actions for a more regenerative future and sustainable communities.


  • Lucy Harland (U.K.)
    Harland is a qualified museum curator and Director of Lucidity Media. She has spent more than 10 years working in BBC Radio production, making documentaries and features for Radio Scotland and Radio 4 on historical and contemporary subjects. She devised and produced Radio Scotland’s long-running popular history series, Past Lives.


  • Bamidele Raheem (Nigeria) 
    Raheem is a Senior Researcher at the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland, Finland. Raheem's research interest is in food bio-processing, preservation and other crosscutting issues related to food security and safety.

  • Johana-Evelyn Montalvan Castilla (Peru)
    Castilla is a doctoral researcher at University of Stavanger (Norway), an educational consultant and coach, passionate about understanding the social, cultural and educational impact of digital technologies. Johana is an anthropologist and early archaeologist, and she is interested in sustainability practices from the past and present and how these can enhance food security.

  • Elia Nurvista (Indonesia)
    Nurvista was born in Yogyakarta. She obtained her BFA from Indonesia Institute of Fine-Art. She’s interested in exploring a wide range of art mediums with an interdisciplinary approach and focus on the discourse of food. Through food, she intends to scrutinize about power, social and economic inequality in this world.


28th January 2021 14.00 GMT / 15.00 CET