Artica Listens 2020

Once a year, Artica Svalbard hosts one of the most important art events in the Arctic, Artica Listens. Together with Norwegian Pen, this year it will focus on the most urgent issues that Svalbard and its inhabitants are facing. At a time when mining is being phased out, tourism is growing, the proportions of Norwegians living on the island is declining and climate change is affecting both nature and people, we are asking ourselves the question; where does the road go from here?

What will Svalbard become, and for whom?

In the light of the 100-year-old Svalbard Treaty, artists, writers, social scientists, and residents of Longyearbyen will reflect on topics such as climate, tourism and migration.

Event dates are 8, 15, 22 and 29 August 2020