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Nordic talks Korea: Genomics & Biobanks – Ensuring a healthy future

As the fertility rate continues to decrease and with a growing elderly population, South Korea is seeing huge demand for optimization in the public sector. With COVID-19, it is relevant more than ever to listen and learn from experts to find new solutions in healthcare and prevent new diseases. The fourth edition of Nordic Talks Korea focuses on the science and economics of biobanks and genomics, with the aim to open discussions and create a dialogue on the demographic challenges and economic constraints within the public sector.

How will we use bio- and genome data in planning national health policies and prevention plans? Can we securely and efficiently manage bio- and genebanks? What are the challenges and benefits of using health data in product development? Are there any regulatory framework conditions that are better to accelerate research and development, as well as commercial developments, rather than others? What are the obstacles if we are to address future global health challenges such as cancer, diabetes and antimicrobial resistance? 

Do we need really to be knee-deep in the catastrophe before we take action on these challenges? What can we learn from COVID-19 in terms of speeding up lead-time for research and development of diagnostics and medicines? What is the role of gene- and biobanks in solving the biggest health challenges – e.g. AMR? And more importantly, what actions can policymakers, researchers and private companies from the Nordics and South Korea take to ensure healthy lives in the future?