Community Women & Recipes for Change

Around the world, social gastronomy organisations are addressing the inequities in our food system and are re-imagining a more sustainable, equitable, and healthy future.

So let's start with empowering women through social gastronomy. 
The community plays an important role in helping raise the profile and visibility of women in the food industry. Many determined and courageous women are dedicating their lives to build resilient communities using traditional methods—women who want to do good through food. How does the “Fab Lab Barcelona", the "Botildenborg Malmö" and the “Vila Komoda Palanga” projects empower women in different locations around the world? 

This talk aims to identify and recognise brilliant ideas, bold initiatives and smart solutions to inspire and make an impact on the regional and global community. We will address social issues ranging from equality to the economy and from hunger to waste.