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In this episode, we examine the importance of involving civil society in resisting threats – whether there is a military threat or threats in the form of natural disasters or pandemics.

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Growing liveable cities in Africa

Growing liveable cities in Africa

Africa's total population is expected to almost double to nearly 2.5 billion by 2050...
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The green pension pot

The green pension pot

Did you know that your pension can be a powerful weapon in the fight against climate...
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Let’s talk about sex UN women

Let’s talk about sex

A woman's right to decide over her own body is a cornerstone of gender equality and...
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Branding the middle of nowher

Branding the middle of nowhere

Darkness, lousy weather, and a sleepover in the middle of nowhere. Sound fun? Apparently...
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Is there a Plan Bee Nordic Talks

Is there a Plan Bee?

Bees are dying out and that’s a big problem for us human beings.
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Ringing the bell for free education

Ringing the bell for free education

Education is a fundamental human right, yet only 70 per cent of children worldwide are in...
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Women, equality-Cover

Women, equality, and economic power

Achieving gender equality in all aspects of society isn't just ethically right, it's also...
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The future of work

The future of work

More short-term or freelance work. Less steady employment with fixed payments. The labour...

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Putting sound to global challenges

‘Nordic Talks’ is a series of talks and podcast episodes addressing the biggest global challenges. 

Through conversations with some of the brightest minds in the Nordics and their counterparts from around the world we want to provide a space for contemplation and to share inspiration on how to take action on sustainability issues in our everyday lives. All Nordic Talks are dedicated to addressing the UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) challenges.

NORDIC TALKS is brought to you by The Nordics, a project under The Nordic Council of Ministers.


Thinkers and doers from around the world who are concerned about the planet we all share.

Oksana Didyk (Ukraine)

Oksana Didyk (Ukraine)

Oksana is originally from Kharkiv, Ukraine. She fled from her home country shortly after...

Himanshu Gulati members of the Norwegian Parliament

Himanshu Gulati

Member of the Norwegian Parliament

Mattias Frumerie, Swedish Head of Delegation to the UNFCCC,

Mattias Frumerie

Swedish Head of Delegation to UNFCCC

Sophie Odupoy, Group Head of Public Affairs at KOKO

Sophie Odupoy

Group Head of Public Affairs, KOKO Networks

 Ash Sharma, Vice President at Nefco and Head of the Modern Cooking Facility for Africa

Ash Sharma

Vice President, Nefco
Head of the Modern Cooking Facility for Africa

Arup Jo da-Silva

Jo da Silva

Sustainable director at ARUP



All Nordic Talks are dedicated to addressing the SDG challenges. We want to inspire each other to act – for a better, more sustainable future.

In August 2019 The Nordic Council of Ministers set the ambitious goal for the Nordic Region to become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. Read the council's 'Vision 2030' here.