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Past Events

NT goes to COP

Nordic Pavilion at COP26, Glasgow

Nordic Climate Leadership

Drivers, barriers and opportunities on the road to and from Glasgow.

The Nordic countries...

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Renewable energy - A socially just and successful green transition

The green energy transition does not only rely on cleaner energy sources, but also on...

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NT 5th element


The Future of Libraries

Throughout history, the role of the public library has adapted to the times and the...

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NT 5th element


The Green Business Opportunity – Are Nordic Business Models the key to achieving a green restart?

Five Nordic Talks, located across five different locations in Sønderborg, New York...

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Sustainable Societies for the Future

Entitled Sustainable Societies for the Future, this two-part exhibition and program bring...

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NT 5th element

Harpa conference centre in Reykjavik, Iceland

Arctic Circle 2021

These Nordic Talks during the Arctic will address sustainable development in the Arctic...

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Grenaa, Denmark

Is seaweed the magic wand for a sustainable future?

Cultivation of seaweed has the potential to mitigate climate change and restore marine...

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Textile Nordic Talks


Sustainable Textile Industry: Create & Circulate for the Future

Sustainability is no longer a “nice to have” but a “need to have”. Climate change is...

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