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University of Creativity, Akasaka, Tokyo

No one left behind – trust and inclusion in the digital age

Digitalization has proved to be a powerful tool when working on all societal issues...

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Sønderborg, Denmark

How to define new leadership standards for the 2030 agenda

How to define new leadership standards for the 2030 agenda - A green inclusive restart

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Seattle, Washington

Fine Dining for All: How Chefs Fed Communities During COVID-19

The first live event of the National Nordic Museum´s Nordic Talks series will explore how...

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Build in wood


WOOD in Focus

The first webinar of the BUILD IN WOOD webinar series organised by the Nordic missions in...

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Investing in the creative industries – a driver for sustainable development

Not only do cultural and creative industries hold the potential to create great...

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Tromsø, Norway

How to connect the unconnected in the Arctic

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on the importance of connectivity. People are...

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Malmö Konstmuseum


Art as a Catalyst for Change

As the fight for an ecologically sustainable future intensifies, we turn our attention to...

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Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Nordics and Beyond

The Nordic countries are often regarded as being forerunners when it comes to gender...

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5 element

Consulate General of Denmark, Shanghai China

There’s no sustainability without transparency

This Nordic Talk will address the following questions:

  • What are consumers demanding...
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