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University of Creativity, Akasaka, Tokyo

No one left behind – trust and inclusion in the digital age

Digitalization has proved to be a powerful tool when working on all societal issues...

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5 element

Consulate General of Denmark, Shanghai China

More transparent food supply: can tech save us?

This Nordic Talks will address the following questions: 

  • Why is transparency so...
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Cities as drivers for climate action: How can the expanding city become a front-runner in smart and sustainable mobility?

The Swedish city of Gothenburg is shifting towards an increased focus on electromobility...

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How cities can cooperate to create more sustainable industries

Compact and vibrant Helsinki is one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities. Occupying top...

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Community Women & Recipes for Change

Around the world, social gastronomy organisations are addressing the inequities in our...

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AI Nordic Talks

Istanbul, Turkey

Digital Denmark: Robotics and AI Applications in Business

The application of drones, cobots and artificial intelligence on almost all production...

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Helsinki, Finland

Reimagining the Futures of Work

In this Nordic Talks panel, with the help of a diverse set of experts, we try to untangle...

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Äripäeva Raadio, Estonia

Economy in green transition

This Nordic Talks event is part of the series on Nordic Sustainable Economy, which aims to...

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Riga, Latvia

Artist’s Mental Health: Can an artist be happy

Governments and independent organisations that monitor the mental health of citizens...

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